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B&W What next??

Discussion in 'Critique Corner' started by BorisTheCrab, 22 June 2012.

  1. BorisTheCrab

    BorisTheCrab MobiPassionista

    22 June 2012
    Likes Received:
    West Midlands, England
    Real Name:
    Chris Spencer-Brown
    This was taken with Hipstamatic using Lucas AB2, BlackKeys B+W with no flash. I think it turned out OK and the only thing that I have done to it is to remove the plug sockets using touch retouch you can see in image 1. Do you think it looks good as it is or can improvements be made. Don't really like the frame on it so may crop it.

    Any help or hints will be appreciated!

    IMG_3643.JPG IMG_3608.JPG
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  2. vixenscry

    vixenscry MobiLifer

    5 June 2011
    Likes Received:
    Real Name:
    Victoria Martin
    Crop might loose a bit of your fab penny farthing ! Nice shot !
  3. RoseCat

    RoseCat MobiFaerie... Site Staff

    1 August 2011
    Likes Received:
    New York, NY, USA
    Real Name:
    iPhone 7 Plus
    I love it! :D

    I've used this combo before and have cropped out just the white part of the frame successfully.

    I like to run things through ScratchCam, Pixlromatic or PicGrunger just to see if they can be enhanced a little. Sometimes I like what I get, and sometimes I keep the version as is. Always nice to see the options. :)

    Great use of Touch-Retouch, BTW! :thumbs:

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