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Weekend Bargains: Essential Apps for Starters - May 26-27

Discussion in 'Apps Chat' started by richardcb, 25 May 2012.

  1. richardcb

    richardcb MobiStaff Site Staff

    28 June 2011
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    Surrey, UK
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    iPhone 7 Plus
    MobiTog's Essential Apps for the Aspiring iphoneographer
    When you're just getting started in iphoneography it is easy to be bewildered by the sheer number of photo apps available. Which ones do you really need?

    Let MobiTog guide you with this list of five essential apps which have you up and running in no time, all chosen by Mobimembers. This list will be checked each week for updates, price changes and more. We'll even spotlight some of our members' favourite apps.

    So fear not. Help is at hand. Here's the list:

    1. Camera+ v.3.02. iPhone. Current price -> 69p
    The perfect alternative to Apple's standard camera app. Feature-rich it shoots and edits your images offering a wealth of manual control.

    2. Snapseed v.1.4. Universal. Current price -> £2.99
    When it comes to editing your pics you can't do better than Snapseed. The learning curve can be a bit steep at first but the rewards are more than worth it.

    3. Hipstamatic v.252. iPhone. Current price -> 69p
    Filters and effects are at the heart of many photo apps but one of the first to get it right and keep it right is Hipstamatic. The basic app provides you with a few lens/film/flash combos with more HipstaPaks available from in-app purchases and new ones appearing all the time.

    4. Photo Transfer App v.3.3. Universal. Current price -> £1.99
    At some point you'll want to copy or move images from your idevice (iPhone or iPad) to another idevice or even your computer. Many apps help you do this but Photo Transfer App is one of the easiest and the best.

    5. MobiTog (v.1.5.14, Universal) and Instagram (v.2.4.0, iPhone) Both -> FREE.
    Photo sharing apps are very popular. Some are just designed to share party or event pics while others offer a way for iphoneographers to 'strut their stuff' with like-minded people. MobiTog's own app is, of course, the best way to share your images with the greatest iphoneography community on the planet. I hear Instagram is pretty good too.

    Mobimember's Choice
    Each week we spotlight a member's favorite app.

    #1 - Decim8, chosen by vixenscry. Current price -> 69p
    When you want to get creative there are some stunning photo apps available. Decim8 'decimates' your image and comes up with some some incredible reconstructions. This'll one will surprise you nearly every time!
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