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Booster and Picshop HD are now free

Discussion in 'Apps Chat' started by GarethC, 7 December 2012.

  1. GarethC

    GarethC MobiAddict

    17 July 2012
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    Real Name:
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  2. Van Duke

    Van Duke MobiAddict

    21 November 2011
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    Long Branch, New Jersey USA
    Truth be told. I downloaded both of these apps, played around a bit and then deleted them. Not that they were not good apps, but that its just not groundbreaking enough for me to keep it. For a newbie I can see the value of collecting apps and then finding what's best. But for me, after two years of going through hundreds of photo apps, an all in one app has to be superior to knock the big boys off the mountain.
    What I do find useful are clever novelty or apps that showcase a specific unique function.
    Just my humble opinion...

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