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Big Photo Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Apps Discussion' started by GarethC, 31 December 2012.

  1. GarethC

    GarethC MobiAddict

    17 July 2012
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    I'm not sure if this is what I'm looking for but maybe the good people here are the ones to educate me :)

    The challenge is that I do all my editting and viewing on the iPhone and then post to Tadaa and Facebook but when it gets to FB the image is a bit crunchy. I think it's largely due to the fact that as all the processing is done on the iPhone by the time it gets to FB I've probably over-processed it. Will Big Photo smooth the crunching as it enlarges?
  2. RoseCat

    RoseCat Faerie Queen... Site Staff

    1 August 2011
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    New York, NY
    Real Name:
    iPhone 7 Plus
    Hmmmm... The photos I upload to Facebook all look fine. :confused:
  3. Carolyn Hall Young

    Carolyn Hall Young MobiPassionista

    15 October 2012
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    North of Santa Fe, New Mexico
    Real Name:
    Carolyn Hall Young
    iPhone 5
    I use Big Photo everyday, and I trust it's processing. When I upload to Facebook, I use the Halftone app because it loads the largest possible image to FB, and allows me to send to my choice of photo folders on FB. Facebook does their own downsampling, and sometimes images seem to be "crunched," but the problem is more frequent when I upload using other apps, or the iOS Photos app. This could be my own superstitious behavior, but I have compared and other apps do downsize pictures more. Is there anyone with more clarity on this? Occasionally my reasons for doing something are eliminated in a new iOS, and I sail along with old voodoo informing my actions.

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