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We're All Half Human & Half Machine

This photo was created from a photo of my husband. I&#039;ve had the idea for this piece for...
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Self Portrait Sun Rising Roses Are Red Welcome Back Spring Memory of Walking Through Wildflowers No Horsing Around We're All Half Human & Half Machine Ms. O'Leary's Cow Red Moon Rising I Am Woman For Your Eyes Only Betty Davis Eyes Quantum of Solace The hydrant spy Custom Fangs?! Like a hashtag in the sky
This photo was created from a photo of my husband. I've had the idea for this piece for some time, just didn't have a photo I could use to create it, until I discovered this one. First step was running it through Jixipix Portrait HD app to give his face more detail, texture, and that dirty look. Added the cyborg pieces with Master FX and PhotoCrash. Other apps used in this edit are: Juxtaposer, Image Blender, LensLight, Snapseed, Paint FX, and Big Photo. There might be an app or 2 that I'm missing also...

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