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Still, Life & Life Still by Delta...

A small brag...I sold my first work(s) today <img...
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In This Album

Deer in the Fog Wilted by @vixenscry Still, Life & Life Still by Delta... IPPA Awards Honourable Mention - Flowers by Delta Martin Sheepsies hit the news for Vix! Street Exposé: Global Street Photography II Charlie... Children by @Chris the Blue Trees Moon Yellow by Sylvia DeVoss WINNER - formatphoto.com - Fine Art Category
A small brag...I sold my first work(s) today :notworthy:. (3) cards on Redbubble from my Still, Life and Life, Still series... first sale evah !

  1. Venomator and RoseCat like this.
  2. Venomator
    Superb work by our Delta, and it's Green... :D

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