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Rain fell, I had an idea, I grabbed my tablet and took a picture.
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I took this shot so long ago that I don't remember the location. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset I live where you vacation Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Tropics St. George City, Grenada View of Grand Anse Beach Simple Night Vibe Pink Bloom School Inside the bus headed to the city Embracing the moon Mom's plant Beach Just came from the club
Jay Julez
Rain fell, I had an idea, I grabbed my tablet and took a picture.
In the album Daily Photos
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  2. BoBo
    Good start! "Photography" means "painting with light". So like a painter you've to get an idea how your picture should look like before you pull the trigger!! You always compose a picture unless it's a snapshoot.

    That's btw the difference to photos at instagram simply showing food, feet and selfies.

    And that's the idea. Create a million photos BUT train your sight to identify that ONE and only picture which is outstanding enough to be shown to the crowd.

  3. zenjenny
    Oh dear - I must check my IG page, BoBo - I don't think I have a single foot food or selfie!

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