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MobiColor #57 Winner What is it?

Image by <a href="https://www.mobitog.com/members/6519/" class="username" data-user="6519,...
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MobiColor #49 WINNER Red Fire Rooster MobiColor #50 - WINNER Abstracts MobiColor #52 Winner No theme MobiColor #53 Winner Movement MobiColor #54 Winner Low Perspective MobiColor #55 Winner Derelict MobiColor #56 Winner Textures MobiColor #57 Winner What is it? MobiColor #58 Winner Night/Low-Light MobiColor #59 Winner Leaves MobiColor #60 Winner Symmetry MobiColor Challenge #61 Winner Interpretation of a passage from Wuthering Heights MobiColor #62 Winner In the Kitchen MC #63 Winner Something Fishy MobiColor #64 Winner No theme MobiColor #65 Winner Entry
In the album MobiColor Winners
  1. kennyh likes this.
  2. zenjenny
    THEME: What is it?
  3. kennyh
    Sort of parallels some Poetry-what Eliot called the evocative correlative,saying that "good poetry communicates before it is understood".Still can't work this one out though...

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