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Day 8 Reflection

Day8 #Reflection #21DaysWorld #Lincolnshire #RoadTrip Sandy loving going on a road trip for his...
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Drink Kahlua and milk Day 7 - Drink Day 7 - Drink Day 8 - Reflection #21DaysWORLD Day 7 #Drink #StPetersburgFL #21daysworld#ibiza day 8 reflection Day 8 Reflection Day 8 - Subject: Reflections - #Ibiza Day 8 - Reflection Day 8 - Reflection Day 8 Reflection This is what he sees... #21DaysWORLD - Day 8 - Reflection #StPetersburgFL Day 9 - Subject: Number - #Ibiza
Day8 #Reflection #21DaysWorld #Lincolnshire #RoadTrip Sandy loving going on a road trip for his favourite walking place #Rimac showing the reflection of me driving & daughter sitting with him :)
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  3. PoulterPhoto
    Was wandering if this was allowed & may have to delete as set up my phone for daughter to click the photo, I edited it ?
    Venomator likes this.
  4. iCatMilton
    Happy to let it stand.
    It's a great shot, lovely edit and whilst there's guidelines to help ensure authenticity, your honesty has assured that ;-) xxXxx
    Venomator and PoulterPhoto like this.
  5. PoulterPhoto
    Thank you :)
    iCatMilton likes this.
  6. lisamjw
    Fab reflection!
  7. PoulterPhoto

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