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Day 7 - Drink

Morning coffee<br />
Hipstamatic Loftus + Robusta<br />
#21DaysWORLD #newjerseyusa
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Day #6 - Food Day 6 - food Day 6 - Subject: Food - Ibiza Day 6 - Food Day 6 - Food Bananas Day 7 - Drink Day 7 Drink Day #7 - Drink... Day 7 - Subject: Drink -#Ibiza Day 6 Day 7 #21daysworld#ibiza day 7 drink Shrimp and Grits
Morning coffee
Hipstamatic Loftus + Robusta
#21DaysWORLD #newjerseyusa
  1. lisamjw, LisaR, Venomator and 2 others like this.
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  3. Venomator
    Who takes caffeine watered down with milk... :rog:

    Otherwise, great way to start the day! (And better than a pint of tea!?!)... :D
    RoseCat likes this.
  4. RoseCat
    Darren@RI HA! That was a total coincidence! :D

    Venomator Can't drink coffee any other way... :barf:
    Venomator likes this.
  5. Venomator
    RoseCat - I hear you, but have you tried proper caffeine, properly Barista'd... :D
    RoseCat likes this.
  6. RoseCat
    Venomator Hmmmmm.... not sure. Perhaps not? But the cream cuts the acidity/harshness...just makes it so..... well, *creamy*. :D
  7. LisaR
    Looks like a great way to start the morning! :)
    RoseCat likes this.

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