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Album: Views from Lane 6 and beyond

My explorations in the land of iPhone and iPad.

Views from Lane 6 and beyond

Updated 24 November 2014 - Taken at Perth, Western Australia, Australia
The Pane Inside  
Coolgardie Gums  
With You In Mind 3  
Selfie In A Lift  
Travelling Light  
Permanent Sunset 1  
Hard To Find  
He Thought Of Cars  
West of the Summit  
Zips 6  
Your Smokescreen  
Swimmer 16  
Swimmer 9  
Swimmer 1  
Swimmer 11  
Loading Photos......
Loading Photos......
My explorations in the land of iPhone and iPad.
Taken at Perth, Western Australia, Australia
  1. Geek1956, zenjenny, RoseCat and 4 others like this.
  2. Venomator
    Congratulations on starting your Album in the MobiGallery Chris, and with two winning strokes too!

    Look forward to seeing your iMages grow with us.

  3. RoseCat
    These are great shots! Love the POV...
  4. cjhawkins
    Thanks people!
    RoseCat likes this.
  5. zenjenny
    Love these edits, Chris. Something very special about the water... And I really like the woman rummaging in her bag. Reminds me of the no nonsense saltoftheearth women of the Pilbara Gascoyne , Kimberley etc. where's her stubby-holder ? :)
  6. cjhawkins
    Absolutely! I am going up north for an extended holiday in July and hope to shoot lots of similar salt of the earth types. Thanks for dropping by! (I have just one stubby holder, which I use to protect my 70-200mm lens!)
    RoseCat likes this.


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