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Album: Motown Musings

Motown Musings

Updated 23 January 2017
Cowboy hat  
Eagle head cane  
Side view eagle head cane  
Letter Opener  
Streamlined Whale  
Submarine Dolphins  
Several shoes  
Cowboy boots  
Denali National Park  
Old cabin  
Rust bucket  
Rust bucket's brother  
North from Seattle  
On the way to glacier  
Columbia Glacier  
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Loading Photos......
  1. kennyh and Venomator like this.
  2. kennyh
    Do you collect the wood carvings or are they yours?Those glacier pics are terrific, wish I could get to places like that to photograph.
  3. MotownLarry
    Ken, I carved all those myself. One of my hobbies I took up after retirement. I was pleasantly surprised at the Alaskan pictures because I had just gotten my iPhone and didn't know how good the camera is.
  4. kennyh
    Thanks for that,I was surprised too about what can be done with the camera and the apps-I sold my dslr kit to pay for the iPhone, not regretted it but it wasn't an easy decision.


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