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Album: Marge's Gallery

First postings

Marge's Gallery

Updated 13 July 2016 - Taken at Los Altos, CA, United States - With Bella.
Rengstorf House  
So much fun  
Loading Photos......
Loading Photos......
Marjorie Smith
First postings
Taken at Los Altos, CA, United States
With Bella.
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  3. JillyG
    You'll also find the FORUM tab on the HOME page. If you click on this you'll see WELCOME. It's here you can introduce yourself and then all the lovely Mobi Staff will welcome you officially and give you some tips on navigating the site. You can tell us a bit about yourself and your phone. Let me be the first to welcome you to Mobi. Do you prefer Marjorie or Marge?
  4. zenjenny
    These are lovely images, Marge. And the sheer delight on that child's face . . . :)
  5. Marjorie Smith
    Marjorie Smith
    Thanks, everyone, for the encouragement. I still haven't figured out how to post an image to Mobimono. Neither of JillyG's suggestions work for me. I can get to the MMC page but how do I post an image?
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  6. Venomator
    Hi Marge, sorry to hear you are experiencing problems posting to a thread, in this case MobiMono! When you have found the MobiMono thread, click or tap on the 'Reply' button, which will take you to a dialogue box.

    Under the dialogue box is a button for 'Upload File' - tap on this and select the iMage you want to upload. Once selected and okayed the iMage will be uploaded for you and you then just insert it as a 'Full' iMage into your reply.
  7. Venomator



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