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Album: Guitart and other stuff too

Mostly music related, but some random stuff too.

Guitart and other stuff too

Updated 4 May 2014 - Taken at Winnipeg, MB, Canada
JB Player Artist Series Acoustic 02  
JB Player Artist Series Acoustic 1  
Open Mic Night  
Clay Guitar Amp  
Clay 4 String Acoustic Bass  
4 string acoustic bass  
Open Mic  
Playdoh Pyramid 1  
Playdoh Pyramid 2  
Triple B's  
Playdoh Acoustic Guitar 1  
Playdoh Acoustic Guitar 2  
Playdoh Acoustic Guitar 3  
Playdoh Acoustic Guitar 4  
Playdoh Acoustic Guitar 5  
Acoustic Guitar  
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Loading Photos......
Mostly music related, but some random stuff too.
Taken at Winnipeg, MB, Canada
  1. Venomator
    Great to see you have found the Gallery and kicked off your Album, nice one Curtis... :D
  2. CurMichFar
    Thanks Rog! Even just joining and becoming a member has increased my excitement of creating more photos.....guess I know what I'm doing this Saturday night.
    Venomator likes this.
  3. ValeriGail
    Your gallery is wonderful! What do you use to string your clay guitars? They are impressive on their own, but I also really love how you are choosing to present them digitally. Absolutely wonderful works of art!
  4. CurMichFar
    As soon as I saw them in the cupboard, I knew that the angel hair pasta noodles would be perfect. lol Uncooked though....the cooked ones don't stay straight, plus with the dry ones, I can keep my guitar to use in photos later. hahaha Thanks so much Valeri, your kind words are greatly appreciated.
  5. ValeriGail
    I would never have guessed pasta, that is pure genius!
    CurMichFar likes this.



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