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MobiTog - The Original Mobile Photography Community

Inserting Images

Uploading Images Directly in your Browser to MobiTog.

1. Navigate to the forum tab and find the suitable forum you would like to post your image into.

2. Start a new thread by clicking 'Post New Thread'.

3. Click on 'Upload a File' at the bottom of the text input. You can also drag and drop a picture into the post box if you are using a laptop/desktop.

4. Navigate to the picture file on your computer.

5. Once the file has finished uploading, click on 'Full Image' to insert the image into the post.

6. Tell us a bit about the shot. Which app(s) did you use? What was your reason for taking it? What advice tips would you like/could you give if you were to repeat it?

Attaching Images you have uploaded to Flickr:

1. Navigate to the image on Flickr you want to share.

2. Click on the triangle to the far right of the bar that starts 'Actions'

3. Click on the 'Grab HTML/BB Code'

4. Change the 'Size' to about 750 pix. Do not worry if the number is slightly over 750pix, MobiTog Automatically resizes any images that are larger for you. Do select the size that is closest to 750 though so we get to see your image at a decent size

5. Select the 'BB Code' button.

6. Now select all the result text in the box.

7. Now navigate to MobiTog.com. Click on 'Forum' at the top left to see all the different forum areas. Scroll down to the MobiSharing sections - where you can share your images for C&C. For this example street image, we will be using the 'Street and Architecture' Section - you select the one that would best suit your image.

8. Once you have opened up the section, click 'New Thread' to start the thread for your image.

9. Paste in all the text code that Flickr generated. Dont forget to tell us about the image - what inspired you to take it? What apps did you use? etc etc!

10. Congratulations - you just posted an image in a thread.